Thursday, February 2, 2012

** Update..Meeting with Director of Special Education in our School District..IT's Happening!

Together,NCLB and IDEA hold schools accountable for making sure students with disabilities achieve high standards. In the words of Secretary Spellings, "The days when we looked past the underachievement of these students are over. No Child Left Behind and the IDEA 2004 have not only removed the final barrier separating special education from general education, they also have put the needs of students with disabilities front and center. Special education is no longer a peripheral issue. It's central to the success of any school."

It feels like I go in long spans of Blogging silence, and then a huge explosion of events. This short 5 months of Kaids 3rd Grade have been some of the most difficult for our family. I guess I do a fairly decent job ( hate that kudos on your back business.) of not seeing sometimes that things are not going well. If you are familiar with IEP's you know that they are very extensive, goals, details,time lines..etc. We have been with the school on So many occasions, Behavior..this..that.. and 2 weeks ago we came in for a re-evaluation of his earlier IEP, only to have his teacher say that Kaid had NOT, i repeat NOT been receiving Special services that was listed in his IEP. I am not going to go in details.. but.. this has been a tough 2 weeks, and longer if you know just how much I have been fighting for his rights, advocating the BEST we can, as Any parent would. From laughing to Crying, to screaming, to down right Pissed off, This is a Good place. What I have learned through this process is #1, you do What EVER you can for your kids, ( honestly) #2. I have always thought being the "nice"guy will pay off... Sorry, that is not the case. At least, it's what i have been experiencing.. I am a UPSET momma, and I have the LAW on my side, I feel like an outlaw or something, going in to meet the Sheriff, it sounds weird, that I would say OUTlaw, but.. Please.. what " they" the school,& district, have been able to do, is completely WRONG. I am praying for change, I am hoping for my nerves to be calm. I know that I am an advocate for the Many MANY mom's that I have talked with that are/have experienced similar situations with their School District, not following IEP's or The Law. I am Ready for this, I know I am on the right side, and only want the best.
I am taking 14credit In college, Kent is taking 15, Work Full-time.. Busy 3 year old.. However this is on my mind all the time.. Giving the school the Benefit of the Doubt, has been for 6+ years.. I think that Is VERY generous don't you? Friday, you can not come soon enough!

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smiliesar said...

Kick them in the @#%#* You have to fight for your kid! So happy you are. Stay mad until you get what you want. Love ya. I'll pray for you tomorrow.

jww said...

WOW!! I am happy it is happening. You are one amazing woman. Kaid is so lucky and blessed, and other moms who are in your shoes are going to be so thankful. Good luck!!!!